Marc Radloff

One Sky Project Organizer

Marc is a paragliding instructor and tandem-pilot flying and teaching throughout the Midwest. As the owner and operator of On The Marc Paragliding, Marc focuses on spreading his love of paragliding through commercial tandems and by certifying the next generation of paraglider pilots.  Marc is an avid paragliding-traveller, and has flown all over the United States, East Asia, and Southern Africa. Born and raised in South Africa, Marc’s dream is to share his love of paragliding throughout his home continent. 

Brian Morris

One Sky Project Organizer

Brian is a competition pilot and hang-gliding instructor living at Lookout Mountain in Georgia. He found his passion for the sky after serving in the United States Air Force.  Brian has dedicated his life to flying and developing a “tiny house community”.  He is one of the pioneers of the sustainable living environment, starring on the hit A&E television show “Tiny House Nation.”  Brian served as a presidential scholar and global ambassador for the University of Virginia’s Semester at Sea and found his mission in supporting the youth of the world on a circumnavigation of the globe, visiting 21 countries in 2011. Brian has always dreamed of flying off the revered Table Mountain, located in his birth country, South Africa. 

Federico Wood (Fede)

Producer / Photographer

A student of the world, Fede has dedicated what feels like a lifetime to creating experiences worth talking about. At a young age, this hyper-as-hell individual has made it a point to fill every minute of his day with excitement-- from spinning until making himself dizzy as a kid (just because he could) to learning how to fly as an adult (just because he could), he has always had something to tell. As an adult, his desire to share his perspective with the world and to infect it with the same passion for squeezing every second out of life, ultimately materialized into a career in production and film. A storyteller above all else, he is committed to breathing life into his work, always producing "the impossible" and inspiring clients and audiences to accept the fact that magic is real through a camera lens.  Fede has produced work for brands such as, Budwiser, BudLight Neutrogena, Goya, McDonalds, Sprint, State Farm, American Airlines and more. Whether by land, sea, or air, this is the guy that makes it happen--- and, it's almost annoying how much fun he has doing it (almost!).

Jonathan Fambrough

Director, Cinematographer

For more than a decade, Jonathan has persued non-fiction storytelling in far-flung cultures around the world. Whether interviewing iconic music legends, engaging international social causes, or covering exotic super-car culture, Jonathan draws on a wide array of personal experience to enlighten his storytelling.  Beginning in the halls of CNN early in his career, Jonathan's professional journey has expanded from journalism into branding, documentary film, and live event production. Having produced and directed content on location in over 25 countries, Jonathan has a unique ability to tap into the untold themes of our world and deliver them in a concentrated and engaging context to modern, new media audiences. 

Currently sharing time between Los Angeles and Detroit, Jonathan helps lead Here-is-Why Projects--a storytelling and engagement team that builds bridges between heroic leaders or organizations doing locally transformative work and resourced individuals who are passionate to create better lives for those in need.

Suzy Beck


Suzy has spent the better part of a decade immersing herself in a world of storytelling. As a producer for a wide variety of projects from independent film, documentary, travel, and history shows to major network competition programming, Suzy has excelled while leading teams large and small through the production process. 

Having traveled extensively in the US and internationally as a field producer (including work on CBS's Amazing Race) Suzy prides herself on being able to help anyone from a media savvy celebrity to someone who has never been in front of a camera feel comfortable and confident telling their story. Suzy's passion for social issues, people, and meaningful storytelling will continue to be what drives her excitement in Here-is-Why Projects and organizations such as the One Sky Project. 

Grace Stansbery

Web Manager

Grace is a web designer, writer, and fresh paragliding pilot in St. Louis, Missouri. She has worked with various nonprofits, literary publications, and community art organizations in the midwest. Grace's passions include poetry, old buildings, and genuine displays of character. Because of this, she continues to be astounded by the people she's met and the places she's visited in the short time she's been paragliding.