Mufindi Orphans

Mufindi Orphans was founded to support an initiative in Tanzania that was started by Geoff and Vicky Fox in 2005.  The organization exists to provide shelter, sustenance, education, and medical care for vulnerable children and families in the Mufindi District of Tanzania; to curtail the spread of HIV/AIDS, to teach life skills and to create supportive networks and opportunities for future generations


Donate to the Cause

The Mufindi district is in the eye of the HIV/AIDS storm. Social, environmental and economic factors have created the perfect breeding ground for the aggressive virus. More than 2,500 patients recieve HIV treatment from the Care and Treatment Center in Mufindi every month. 


It Takes a Village 

A fundraising event for Mufindi Orphans will be held inLawrence Kansas on September 25th, 2016. The event will host a premiere showing of the Mufindi short film, produced by One Sky Project. The goal of this event is to raise funding for education in rural Africa.