Joy Reel and Other Updates

Things are up and running with One Sky Project! Our team members are flying on full speedbar to make this thing happen. Last week Brian and Marc traveled more than a thousand miles between Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois to film the first promotional One Sky Project video.

We interviewed Patrick Joyce, a board member of The Cloudbase Foundation; Cathy Ackerman, president of Mufindi Orphans Incorporated; and Emily Kirwan, Director of Amani Ya Juu (We couldn't help but sneak a few of our favorite pilots into the footage as well!)

Check out the video on our homepage, and share it through facebook! In the meantime, laugh along with us! A big part of One Sky Project is the chance to brighten the world in ways big and small. You may even see some familiar faces!

A big thanks goes out to all those who helped, hosted, and appeared in the first big step to achieving our vision.