Amani Ya Juu Uganda

Since 2011, The Uganda Center of Amani ya Juu (Peace from Above) has supported and brought healing to the lives of Gulu women, previously abducted and enslaved by the rebel group LRA. The Uganda Center is a small 5 room house, where the 27 women of Amani Uganda work, pray, and heal together. Now, as these incredible women look toward growth, Amani Ya Juu has begun raising money to buy the home they've been renting-- to secure their independence for the future.

The small 1/2 acre plot provides security, stability, and a source of income for the Gulu women affected by the LRA. It has given them purpose in life once again.


Becoming Sustainable

Amani Uganda has been renting for the past 7 years, and in order to be soundly established, freed from persistent rent obligations, and able to expand their operation, they need to purchase their own facility.

With their own facility, they will have land to farm in lean times, room to open a café for year-round income, and the room to accommodate more employees. Owning their facility is key to the reliable sustainability of Amani Uganda into the future, so we are hoping that Amani friends and family will band together to set our sisters up to flourish for years to come.


Fundraiser in Chattanooga

Amani ya Juu invites you to attend the viewing and release of an inspiring short documentary about Amani Uganda. We will also get to hear one of the film makers share his testimony from his experience there.

Amani Chattanooga, 420 S. Willow St. 6:30 - 7:30 PM